BusinessBookkeeping Clients

Lorean Cairns
Fox & Jane Salon, NY

"Business Bookeeping has not only effectively managed our cases with a balance of good judgement and cost effeciency, but more importantyly, they understand our complex undustry and know our process. Bsuiness Bookkeeping is a better business partner because they really know our industry's challenges." - Lorean is a business salon owner and she is involved with a lot of different ventures. She needed someone to manage her day-to-day financial needs.

Since we have started:
We have QuickBooks online - which allows access for her quickBooks file. It provided 24/7 secure access so she could invoice her clients while we handle the rest of her bookkeeping. She provided us with addresses to her vendors so we could remit payment.

We input her bills into QuickBooks so we could run her weekly reports and she could tell us what bills needed to be paid.

Lorean was able to run any reports needed and we sent information to her Accountant as needed for the year end and we update her file.

Our team can pickup, scan, deliver, mail, fax, or e-mail any documents needed after we have completed entries.

Business owner, MA

Judithanne owns a very successful fabric business and needed help in organizing her income and expenses so that her accountant could prepare her taxes at the end of the year.

Since we have started:
Every month Judithanne provides her receipts, bank, and credit card statements. She has now even gotten us online access through her bank. This along with other financial information, we have been able to enter everything into QuickBooks, and reconcile her different accounts.

When the end of the year hits - we create a backup file to send to her Accountant directly. The Tax accountant gives us the adjusting entries for the year end and we update her file.

Our team can pick up, scan deliver, mail, fax, or e-mail any documents needed after we have completed entries.

Andy Tran
Western Cost Per Click, California

Andy is the owner of a growing Marketing business and he needed a bookkeeper but like most couldn't afford the full time cost!

Andy gave us access to the login feature of his online bank account. It's a limited feature set up for bookkeepers and CPA's. We set Andy up with a login for an online Quickbooks account so he could log in any time to run reports.

Each month we worked with Andy to run his payroll, pay bills, and charge clients each week. We provide him a weekly statement of charges that have processed or failed.

At the end of each month we reconcile the companies' bank statements and send him an e-mail with a complete report and explanation.

At the end of each year we backup the information and send a file to the CPA who can prepare the documents!

Bo and Kieran
property owners, real estate

Bo and Kieran own several properties together, most are rental. Bo's accountant recommended he meet with, as our team has the experience to understand the needs that are required when you manage several properties.

Since we have started:
The accounts are now reconciled. Bo and Kieran provide us with checks they receive each month for rent, which we process in QuickBooks. We also get access to their online bank statements for the accounts they have for the LLC. We also enter in data and have copies on file of different mortgage documents and statements they have for properties of their own.

We now provide a clear balance of rent, mortgage, and property tax payments that have been made with a Profit and Loss report we provide each month. Bo and Kieran are now ready to invest and sell properties based on financial successes they have accurately recorded.

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