With over a decade of Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation experience, BusinessBookkeeping.com is a nationally recognized bookkeeping management company. Specialties include QuickBooks, Bank Reconciliation, Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Ledger, Profit & Loss, Invoicing, and more. We understand that communication is important and that a great customer service experience is key.

The management team of Business Bookkeeping has dozens of years of experience in the world of report management. One of our partners worked at H&R Block and established a strong knowledge of the inner workings of the world's most popular Tax Preparer and Bookkeeping companies. Other partners have worked at leading accounting and management firms, helping Fortune 500 Companies manage their books. The principles of our firm are governed by our strong ethics to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations whilst following by the book tactics.

Company Bio

Number of Employees: 6
Number of Clients: 54
Locations: San Diego
Number of team members working on your account: 3

Mission Statement
The mission of Business Bookkeeping is to change the worldwide image of the Bookkeeper. Our plans to achieve this, is by offering world class customer service and results.

What Sets Us Apart from other Bookkeepers We approach each account from the perspective of the business owner, delivering not only results but also revenue results. It's not enough to just manage books.

Giving Back
Our firm offers reduced rates for non profits in the hopes to help evolve there non profit growth.

About Us

Billy Canu

Billy is the Founder and CEO of BusinessBookkeeping.com. After starting his first business in 2003, he used his financial background to grow the business into a multimillion dollar company. During this growth many of his friends, family, and other small business owners asked him how he managed this financial growth.

Billy's passion to work with other small businesses built the foundation for BusinessBookkeeping.com. He wants small, medium, and large size businesses to put focus back on the growth and value of service while also understanding their bottom line.

Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad is the COO of BusinessBookkeeping.com and carries a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Hassan is a certified Bookkeeper who has not only lead major audits for the US government, he also taught College classes on the Principals of Auditing.

He joined Billy and the team in 2009 from his previous position as auditing and bookkeeping specialist for HR Block corporate.

The Rest of Our Team!

Chelsey Jori Uyen

Jennifer Jenice

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